Practical information
Legal Beetle

Subsidised legal aid

  • Legal Beetle does not handle cases on the basis of subsidised legal aid, also known as ‘addition’. If you would like legal services on the basis of subsidised legal aid, you can find another lawyer for this via:
  • Whether you qualify for legal aid depends on your income and assets, among other things. Read about this at: NB: in principle, no legal aid will be granted in case of a business or commercial legal interest. Check with the Legal Aid Board whether you are nevertheless eligible:
  • More information:
  • Tips for if you do not want to use Legal Beetle’s services but are still seeking justice:
  • Through this website, you can find out what you can do if you have a problem and who can help you.
  • They can give you advice and possibly refer you to a lawyer or mediator. Would you like advice from the Legal Help Desk? Then check the website of the Legal Help Desk or call 0900-8020 (0.10 cpm).
  • Legal helpdesk for media, IP, IT and privacy law.
  • Are you not (or no longer) eligible for subsidised legal aid or do you do not wish to make use of this (while you could make use of it) and you still want legal services from Legal Beetle? Please confirm this by e-mail to Joost Gerritsen. In that case, Legal Beetle’s offer also serves as confirmation of order and the amounts and rates stated therein.


  • Where applicable, Legal Beetle must comply with government regulations imposed to comply with the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act (Wwft) and other applicable regulations.
  • If these or other know-your-client regulations apply, you must provide Legal Beetle with documents (including personal data) confirming your identity, corporate identity, staff/business addresses and other contact details, as well as information necessary to establish the contractual relationship between us. You must fully comply with and pass all anti-money laundering controls, including verification of all documents within the period advised to you and before work can commence.
  • Personal data collected under the Wwft will only be processed by Legal Beetle for the purpose of preventing money laundering and terrorist financing and will not be further processed for commercial purposes or other purposes incompatible with that purpose.
  • Legal Beetle shall destroy the personal data it has obtained pursuant to the Wwft immediately after the expiry of the period referred to in Articles 33(3) and 34 Wwft, unless otherwise stipulated by statutory provision.

Privacy statement

  • Legal Beetle may process personal data in the performance of its work. In that case, the privacy statement applies see:

Legal expenses insurance

  • Do you have legal expenses insurance and do you waive your right to invoke the legal expenses policy, while thereby losing your claims for reimbursement of extrajudicial as well as judicial costs and any other claims under this legal expenses policy? Please confirm this to the undersigned prior to accepting this offer to Mr J.B.A. (Joost) Gerritsen.

Internal complaints scheme and competent court

  • Lawyer Mr J.B.A. (Joost) Gerritsen has an office complaints procedure that applies to the contractual relationship between Legal Beetle and you/your organisation. See:
  • You can read more about this scheme in article 6.28 Voda.
  • Based on the general terms and conditions (Appendix 2), disputes arising from Legal Beetle’s services are settled by the competent court in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
  • Mandatory notice under Article 6.32 Dutch Regulation on the Legal Profession and Article 35a Dutch Regulation on the Legal Profession:
    • Mr J.B.A. (Joost) Gerritsen has registered the following areas of law in the register of areas of law of the Dutch Bar Association: Privacy Law. This registration obliges me to obtain ten training points in each registered area of law every calendar year according to the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.

Replacement and observation

  • To ensure continuity of services, fellow lawyer Mr P.J.M. Gerritsen of KERN Advocatuur in Amsterdam has been appointed to serve as a substitute or fiduciary.

Trust account

  • Legal Beetle does not use an account into which third-party funds can be deposited.

Professional liability insurance

  • Joost Gerritsen has taken out individual professional liability insurance with Markel (PO Box 23198, 3001 KD Rotterdam,, +31107981000,, KvK number: 71616616).
    • Financial cover: €1 million per claim and €2 million per insurance year. There is also an insurance clause for work as a lawyer, with Joost Gerritsen as “insured”. Paraphrased, this clause reads: ‘Paragraph 1. [This] insurance [provides] cover for liability for damage to goods, other than money and/or monetary instruments or documents and other papers, deeds, data on data carriers and the like entrusted to the insured in connection with an assignment, which an insured has in temporary possession for the benefit of a client in the context of an assignment in his insured capacity. Paragraph 2. The cover referred to in paragraph 1 is subject to an insured amount of EUR 125,000 per claim and per insurance year, as part of the insured amount per claim and per insurance year stated on the policy schedule.
    • Geographical cover: The insurance provides cover for claims instituted and/or brought in court throughout the world. However, the insurance does not provide cover for claims governed by U.S. law and/or brought in court in the USA.