What lies ahead for health care?

Healthcare is a high-technology sector. AI systems, data solidarity, quantified self and Personal Health Environments are not buzz words, but daily practice. How do we apply these techniques while respecting the law? Legal Beetle will guide you through this.

Patients, as well as other people who divulge information about their health, have rights. Those rights should be the starting point of any AI research, machine learning tool or other innovation in healthcare. They will make your products and services better.

Food for thought

AI in healthcare

Nowadays, medical records are mostly available digitally. This makes the patient data contained therein increasingly easy to access and unlock technically. This opens up all kinds of technical possibilities for research and computer-assisted diagnostics. For example, with the help of AI. How do we facilitate these innovations while respecting patient rights?

Quantified self

As part of trends such as quantified self, people are increasingly measuring themselves with an eye to their health. For example, via a fitness tracker that tracks your fitness trends. Who does this data belong to? Are these data part of the medical record, and if so – what are the consequences of this? You can find answers to questions like these at Legal Beetle.

Data solidarity

Together with the Rathenau Institute, Joost wrote a most comprehensive report on Data Solidarity. How does this concept fit into your vision? What should your with data altruism? What are we allowed and not allowed to do with medical data?

Personal Health Environments

Personal Health Environments are a kind of digital personal data vaults in which different types of health information are collected. For example, about treatments, medication use, test results or data self-measured with apps and wearables. Government and developers expect Personal Health Environments to ensure active participation in one’s own healthcare.

Digitale portalen (e-health)

Digital portals allow patients to receive care remotely. Portals are on the rise. Digital portals provide patients with an online platform, allowing them to inform, communicate and monitor. They offer new data sources for care and research. What is allowed, and what is not? May cookies be used, and if so – how?

Joost Gerritsen - AI, Data & Privacy Lawyer at Legal Beetle

Joost advises on patient data-based research and AI, guiding healthcare providers to the top

My publications and presentations

Joost regularly publishes on healthcare and its legal challenges. With practical decision trees, he gives practitioners handy tools.


Rathenau Institute (2022)

Society and synthetic cells – A position paper by the Future Panel on Synthetic Life



Rathenau Institute (2020)

Data solidarity for health



Rathenau Institute (2020)

Valued at work – Limits to digital monitoring at the workplace using data, algorithms and AI



Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (2017)

Human rights in the robot age – Challenges arising from the use of robotics, artificial intelligence, and virtual and augmented reality



Joost is a subject matter expert on research outside the scope of the Medical-Scientific Research with People Act (WMO), such as data research based on medical records, and advises on it. He also supervises start-ups in the healthcare sector.


Data agreements and covenants

Good contracts are the basis of good collaborations. For example, for data cooperatives, research institutes or other data-intensive organisations. Joost arranges the legal foundation.


Legal-strategic policy

Drawing on his years of experience, Joost is happy to help you get the bigger picture. How does your organisation or constituency stay future-proof, amid chatbots, AI and robotics? Data altruism, open data, FAIR principles. What is your data vision?


Member of ethics committee

With his experience and a well-developed ethical compass, Joost is perfect for your committee overseeing your AI systems or organisation. Think ethics committees, advisory committees or oversight committees. Also nice: Joost is pleasant to deal with, polite and does his work from a cooperative attitude.


Data Protection By Design

Designing privacy-friendly software and AI systems. This is easier said than done. Fortunately, Joost helps you get started.

Respect for patients and their rights are a must-have for healthcare innovation

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