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If you are looking for an experienced legal professional who knows his way around the world of AI, robots and virtual worlds, you have come to the right place.

Do you feel a connection? Then get in touch. Preferably by e-mail. Looking for a speaker to give an interesting talk on AI and the law? Then scroll down and book me as a speaker!

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Joost Gerritsen - AI, Data & Privacy Lawyer at Legal Beetle


The fee structure of Legal Beetle is simple:

  • Joost’s hourly rate is €275,– ex. 21% VAT.
  • Joost’s rate as a speaker is €795 for lectures up to 1 hour. Twice that amount for lectures up to 2 hours, three times the amount up to 3 hours, and so on.
  • No other charges such as travel expenses apply unless we agree otherwise.
  • Terms and conditions apply.

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Speaking I like to do. About AI, the law and ethics. Always in a casual and accessible way. Listen for yourself.
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