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My name is Joost Gerritsen and I’m a privacy and data lawyer at Legal Beetle, The Netherlands. I am glad that you found me.
If you represent an organization and need to solve legal issues regarding technologies such as robotics, big data and AI – then you have come to the right place. Learn more about my specialized services and expertise or contact me right away. I’m looking forward to meeting you soon.


My services can be described as providing clarity in what seems confusing legal situations. You can find me acting as a traditional lawyer, e.g. negotiating data deals and assisting in legal proceedings and regulatory affairs, while in other situations a more dynamic approach is more suitable. For instance, cooperating with your data protection and security team.

For you, this means a peace of mind with:

Solid contracts & legal arrangements

Clear advice & compliance instructions

Legal dispute prevention & settlement

Apart from the ‘usual’ – but no less important – activities (drafting and reviewing privacy policies, controller/processor agreements, API and data contracts, etc.), I really enjoy to assist organizations dealing with as part of large projects. Think of the development of a data protection impact assessment (PIA) for a group of companies, advising on data policy matters, or the creation of a privacy by design strategy.

This track record is the sum of close cooperation with your own people, such as data protection officers, IT & security specialists and data quality managers.


As a lawyer, I am bound to professional secrecy. This means that normally speaking I cannot inform you about the identity of my clients. To give you an idea about my track record however, I can share the following with you.

Wide experience

In the past seven years, I have advised both public authorities as well as companies. These range from so-called G27 municipalities and companies listed on stock exchanges to funded tech startups and data providers.

Focus group

My primary focus is on organizations which process huge amounts of data, such as: decentralized public authorities, health care institutions, scientific & educational organizations as well as finance & insurance companies.

Schedule an introduction

All these organizations have in common that they want to do the right thing and comply with the laws. Are you one of them as well? Then let’s schedule an introduction. It is a pleasure to meet you.

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One of things I love to do is public speaking about my favorite topics such as smart cities, big data ethics from a human rights perspective, open data and the internet of things. You can book me as a speaker for conferences or arrange an in-house course on e.g. data protection regulations.


I like to share my knowledge with peers and students. For example this summer at the Utrecht University. Also, together with Microsoft UC Specialist Jaap Wesselius we provide practical meetings for the business community about data protection compliance. Please sign-up for the mailing list if you want to receive updates about these meetings.


You can learn more about my last publication Human rights in the robot age here, which I co-wrote with Rinie van Est and with the assistance of Linda Kool (both Rathenau Instituut).

Build Better


It is reasonable to expect that your service provider has insight knowledge of the tools he or she uses. A lawyer’s tool is information. I therefore create simple but effective tools for clients to make their lives easier. Furthermore, I work together with Stephan Okhuijsen and André Vermeij. We aim to develop RODEO: a machine learning tool aimed to uncover insights hidden in case law. A competitive advantage for your benefits, as I believe that the technologies available should lead to better services for clients.



If you represent an organization and need to solve legal issues regarding technologies such as robotics, big data and AI, then do not hesitate to contact me. You can send me an e-mail (in Dutch or English) using the button.

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